We are so proud of them that yes, let us call them that!


Among the activities carried out by the members of the GAVS ROMA-ODV, perhaps the most engaging is undoubtedly that of aeronautical restoration. Having to intervene on artifacts which, in addition to being milestones in aeronautical history, have always belonged or have been a work tool or adventure companions of some of the most important men that Italy has ever had in the aeronautical field, from a strong emotion, it engorges and fills with responsibility.
The support of the most experienced members, the possibility of having numerous technical texts of the time, means that the member can immediately get in touch with these wonderful machines and after a few years of application, he will be able to autonomously manage restoration interventions on a historic aircraft or component. Maintenance is useful not only for the aircraft themselves but also for a gradual approach to restoration, interventions aimed at preventing or containing or eliminating degenerative processes of the historic aircraft through low-impact or non-invasive actions.
Since 1994, the year of its foundation, the ROMA-ODV has completed numerous restorations or maintenance operations on various historic aircraft, visit the Gallery