Working for Italian aeronautical history and culture, since 1994.

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Gavs Roma is a non-profit voluntary association (ODV ex Onlus), which since 1994 has set itself the goal of preserving, enhancing and handing down(pass on) the historical memory of the Italian aeronautics through the recovery and conservation of airplanes, engines and aeronautical components and related documentation


Thanks to our work, numerous interventions in the field of aeronautical culture have been completed. Our efforts have focused above all, on the restoration of historic aircraft, most of which are kept in the Italian Air Force Museum However, our commitment does not end here

The restorations of


Since 1994.

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The dissemination of aeronautical history and culture is one of our major commitments. We produce our publications and collaborate for the realization of Ali Antiche, the quarterly magazine of the GAVS, participating in editorial projects managed by the national GAVS of external authors or members.
In our list you can find every work published by GAVS ROMA ODV.

About GAVS

The Amici Velivoli Storici Group (GAVS) is a cultural, apolitical, and non-profit association founded in Rome in 1983 to research, register, recover, preserve and enhance everything related to the Italian aviation past.
Widespread over the years from the capital to the whole country, today the GAVS has almost 400 members in Italy and in the world, all passionate about aeronautics and its history, from simple enthusiasts and model makers, correspondents of various aeronautical magazines, industries, historians and aeronautical researchers, associations, owners of vintage aircraft up to civil and military pilots. We also have partners abroad, especially in England and the United States but also in Switzerland, Germany, Finland, Romania, France and Austria.
To better cover the national territory and to exploit all the resources available in the area, several local sections have been set up and the GAVS Rome is one of these, the others currently operational are those of Turin, Lombardy, Trento, Genoa, Vicenza, Reggio Emilia, Tuscany and Friuli Venezia Giulia. Several sections, in addition to conducting an intense internal activity, have successfully concluded numerous initiatives in favor of both public and private museums and institutions, the aircraft and the components restored by them are present in various aeronautical museums such as the Air Force museum of Vigna di Valle, the Caproni museum in Trento, Volandia the museum of flight in Malpensa.
To inform members of what is happening within the association, GAVS independently produces, prints and distributes to its members Ali Antiche, the association’s bulletin which is also an authoritative aeronautical magazine. Made entirely in color, it shows the progress of the various restorations in progress, the chronicles of the activities of the various sections and published research, essays and articles relating to the Italian aeronautical world and its history, made by the members themselves or by external collaborators.