Support and collaborate with the GAVS ROMA-ODV

Your active participation is our most important goal

Are you surprised that we put your participation in our activities as the most important goal? Yet if you think about it, we couldn’t do restorations, historical research, books, articles, and everything that our activities, without people interested or passionate about history and aviation like you, who hadn’t joined us before you.
Volunteering means spending part of your time on activities that you always hoped to do but that faced alone was impossible to do. Joining us by sharing experiences and learning from those who know how to do new things for you will allow you to make this wish come true. From the very beginning, you will be able to operate on aeronautical artifacts that have made the history of our aeronautics, have in your hands objects that belonged to pilots or technicians who created wonderful flying machines. Why waste your free time in shopping malls or in front of the TV? At the end of a period of coaching growth, you will be able to work independently but always be part of a group of people who work for a cause they truly believe in.
You are not a beginner but are you already an expert in aeronautical technique or are you an all-around historian? Well, then your contribution will be precious for the growth of all the staff, and at the end of each project the satisfaction you will feel in seeing the fruit of your activity will remain with you forever.
Get out of the routine, make your aeronautical dreams come true


5 X 1000

The 5 x 1000 is a part of your taxes that the Italian state distributes, to give support, to entities that carry out relevant cultural activities.It costs you nothing, choose to assign it to GAVS ROMA- ODV, thus contributing to the conservation of the historical heritage of our aviation!

Insert our tax code 96247960584 in your declaration


Both as a private citizen and as an entrepreneur, you can choose to make cash donations to our association. Any amount is important to us! You will be able to deduct the amount donated from your tax return.

To donate by bank transfer to the account registered in the name of GAVS ROMA-ODV IBAN IT77B0200873210000104073153


Your participation in our projects is useful for both of us. Call us and come and visit us in the workshop, take part in our meetings, and you will see that it can be easy to lend a hand.