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Publishing is one of the activities included in our statute which is also carried out in favor of the aeronautical culture of our country and which the GAVS-ROMA-ODV performs to the best of its possibilities by producing its publications on aeronautical history and technique, collaborating both with the GAVS National for the realization of Ali Antiche and as a support to national authors.
In the following list, detailed information on each work created and produced by the GAVS-ROMA-ODV

Nihil Impossibile Volanti

Ed. 2015 GAVS Roma
Curated by Valerio Polidori, in collaboration with GAVS – ROME.

The volume of studies on the occasion of the seventieth birthday of GAVS.ROMA member Gianclaudio Polidori, with a preface by the lawyer Paolo Balbo, in which ten important authors, in each chapter, address new or already known aeronautical topics but seen from different and original points of sight.
• The production of the S81 is evidence of the lack of renewal of the Italian aeronautical industry and technology
• a collection of notes for a biography of Domenico Santoni, one of the founders of SIAI,
• The history of Ing. Galasso and the beginning of the Ro-41 restoration,
• The interweaving between some great personalities of our aeronautics and the Cooking,
• New light on the intricate case of the never built War Museum of Prof Henriquez in Rome,
• Notes on the history of the ANR Terraccciano and Trabucchi transport groups,
• The history of the genesis of the GAVS coat of arms,
• The evolution of aerial War Games,
• A researcher’s guide for navigating the world of aeronautical archives and aviation museums,
• a tip of collecting: the postcards of the Mak H 100 of the Aeronautical Academy.

Italian language, 236 pages, 148 photos 17X24
Euro 28,00 (Gavs Members Euro 25,00) plus shipping costs.
Latest copies are available. It can be ordered c/o GAVS Rome,

The Nardi FN 305; History and restoration

Ed. 1988 GAVS Roma
Realized by GAVS Roma-ODV.
Monograph on the Nardi 305, the history of this machine and the restoration of the specimen c/n 766 I DASM. In the first part of the 40-page “Squadron Signal” format, the life of the four Nardi brothers who from the SECOND HALF OF the 1920s came from the Marche to Milan where, after having designed it in 1929, they built the prototype of the 305 in a garage in the Milan downtown.
The development of the machine, the first orders from the Regia Aeronautica, the export successes, the use by numerous foreign air forces including the German one after 8 September, the versions the special versions up to the use made by various flying clubs in Italy in the post-war period up to the cancellation.
In the second part, the life of the I DASM from its service at the Aeroclub of Trento up to the cancellation and then the purchase by the GAVS Rome with, illustrated in detail, the accurate restoration. The aircraft was then donated by GAVS Rome to the Air Force Museum and is now exhibited in Vigna di Valle, near Rome.
There are two versions of the book:

  • Italian language 40 pages, about 134 PHOTOS AND BLACK/WHITE VIEWS Plus 5 large format COLOR PHOTOS, 1 triptych, color cover. 15.00 euros. Last 6 copies.
  • Nardi special edition, same features as above plus a commemorative cover with the Nardi logo and four additional pages of color images. € 25.00. Last 7 copies.

Last copies available, you can order them c/o GAVS ROMA – ODV,

Camouflage colors and patterns of the Italian Air Force 1935-1943

2ᵃEd. 1994
Powered by CMPR, GAVS ROMA-ODV, GMT. Sold out.
The second edition of the milestone in the field of historical research refers to the camouflage of the Regia Aeronautica created in 1977 by Umberto Postiglioni and Andrea Degl’innocenti and published by the CMPR. This new edition makes the vast amount of information collected by the authors published in the first edition accessible again, supplemented where necessary with the most up-to-date data and the newest and clearest images that have emerged from the research that has continued over the years. To confirm the validity of the original approach, the substance has remained unchanged, and the contribution of the GMT and the GAVS, which have been added to the CMPR, the task of revising, updating and integrating the text and drawings.
Italian language, english summary. 135 pages, 100 photos 17X24, 10 tables, 13 original documents reproduced on a 1:1 scale.
Euro 28.00 / GAVS members Euro 25.00) plus shipping costs
Sold out.



An exclusive magazine for members, it reports the activities of the GAVS sections in the field of conservation and restoration, as well as articles on Italian aeronautical culture and history.

Since 1983, the GAVS has published Ali Antiche, the magazine for making the most relevant finds known live, following all the GAVS restorations, illustrating the activities of museums, even the smallest ones or those outside the traditional circuits but also the activities of private enthusiasts and other news that escape the specialized and non-specialized press. Through monographic issues, particular historical episodes or themes of aeronautical technology are also explored.
Ali Antiche, made entirely within the association, is professionally printed and is also open to external collaborations; the editorial part is taken care of by GAVS ROMA.ODV