GAVS ROMA-ODV is a non-profit association which operates through the voluntary activity of its members to preserve and enhance the historical memory of the Italian aeronautics through the recovery and conservation of airplanes, engines and aeronautical components and related documentation


The GAVS ROME – ODV was established on 12 January 1994 with a notarial deed but was already operational in 1983, constituting the nucleus of what would become the national GAVS. In February 1997 he obtained Registration in the Regional Register of Volunteering of Lazio, position 26 of the culture section.
At the beginning of its activities, the GAVS ROMA-ODV operated inside a hangar, made available to the AeC Rome, at the Urbe airport, completing the restoration and maintenance of various aircraft, from the only Nardi FN305 (Alfa 115) existing in Italy upon completion of the Spitfire Mk805 (1989), the first important intervention in favor of the Air Force museum. After the transfer to the military area of the same airport, heavy maintenance was carried out on the Nardi, the first part of the restoration of the SPAD VII of Fulco di Calabria was carried out and the reconstruction of the Romeo Ro41 , a middle school biplane from the 1930s owned by the museum of the Air Force
At the same time, other interventions were also carried out in favor of some aircraft inside the AM museum, including the maintenance of the Bleriot XI, the polishing of the Mustang and that of the Aerfer Ariete, the repainting of the CR32 and the rediscovery of the propellers complete with chain transmission of the Wright on which Calderara was patented in 1909, which are now mounted on the replica of the aircraft exhibited in Vigna di Valle.
In 1997, five partners, in eight months of work, cataloged 19,000 technical drawings conserved in the Central State Archives of Roma.
From 2007 to 2020 the GAVS ROMA- ODV operated in the Badoni , a hangar of the Italian Air Force museum, where it resumed the restoration of the Ro. 41. Since November of this year it has been housed in the Tricampate hangar, a structure that is part of the Museum.
The GAVS ROMA-ODV, in addition to working in favor of the museum, has offered and offers continuous work of consultancy and support to other public and private institutions and companies.
He is currently still busy completing the Ro.41. This work was carried out with the support of the management of the AM museum of Vigna di Valle and the support of the specialists of the Maintenance Workshops also of the Museum.
GAVS ROMA – ODV also deals with the social magazine Ali Antiche.


Read the principles that drive our activities contained in our statute and if you recognize yourself in them, join them too.

Together we can do great things. Alongside, the Diploma of Honor from the International Aeronautical Federation (FAI) was issued for the restoration work of the Nardi FN 305.