Not only the restoration of historic aircraft and their components, but many other activities, conducted daily by our volunteers.

The activities of the GAVS ROMA-ODV

Numerous activities are carried out by the volunteers of the GAVS ROMA-ODV in addition to the restoration, reconstruction, and maintenance of historic aircraft and their components, which represent the “heart” of our activities. To date we have carried out interventions in favor of public and private institutions such as the cataloging of the Aeronautical Fund conserved in the Central State Archives at EUR in Rome or such as the disassembly, preparation and sending of the cockpit simulator to the Volandia museum A300 given free of charge by the Alitalia Pilot Training Center to the Museum. These types of collaboration also include the frequent activities of guides at the AM museum for schools, cultural and after-work groups such as consultancy for cultural initiatives of state technical institutes and in the recent past, strange but true, we have also acted as consultants in a couple of films for some scenes with an aeronautical subject.
In the field of education, we must mention the collaboration in cultural initiatives of primary schools and state technical institutes
Our commitment is also in other fields, for example in publishing, where in addition to taking care of the creation of the association’s magazine, Ali Antiche, we have created three original publications (see Media) completely conceived and created by the members of the section.
Currently, the GAVS ROMA-ODV is still engaged in the completion of the reconstruction of the Romeo Ro 41, a work carried out with the support of the management of the AM Museum of Vigna di Valle and the support of the specialists of the Museum’s Maintenance Workshops.

Collaborate with the GAVS-ROMA-ODV

There are many ways to be useful at the GAVS-ROMA-ODV and without a doubt, you too will be able to find your field of action.

If you are interested and would like further information, you can contact us at the following telephone numbers:

+39 06 39727717 or +39 334 5966828,
By mail to: roma@gavs.it