Editorial no. 1

For years, aeronautical enthusiasts have met GAVS ROMA members on Saturdays and Sundays inside the Badoni hangar, at the Vigna di Valle air force museum, where they were involved in the reconstruction of a Romeo Ro 41. They were interesting and fruitful encounters, thanks above all to those visitors who stopped by our work area and asked what we were doing or to those who told us about episodes of aeronautical life they lived or who made their knowledge available. Some of these then, “jumped the barricade”, and are still working with us now, even if no longer in the old position. The limitations due to COVID first then to the long closure (still in progress) of the Museum for restructuring, forced us to transfer to an area of the base closed to visitors thus preventing, in recent years, those vis-a-vis relationships in which communication becomes more effective.
For us, therefore, it was important to have a place again where history and aeronautics enthusiasts could meet to exchange ideas and knowledge on aeronautical restoration, to see Italian aeronautical history from a different angle (perhaps more essential on great events and attentive to research and dissemination of minor but significant episodes) and not to disperse past knowledge.
This is why we are now “online”, we have opened the GAVS ROMA website which for us is the new place to meet, the place where you can ask us many questions and we will be able to give many answers.